Meet the Queens

Onya Mann


Brandon Hilton is an internationally known designer, singer, actor, performer and co-creator of Queens To The Rescue, but at night he transforms into glamazon goddess Onya Mann and hosts one hell of a show!

Shania Satisfaction


Shania Satisfaction is Southern charm mixed with California attitude. She lives for entertaining and the art of drag. You never know what you’ll get from her on stage, but one thing is for sure she’ll leave you absolutely Satisfied 😉

Erica Chanel


Erica Chanel is the dancing diva of the Carolinas. Some may even say Beyonce! She’s no stranger to the stage or to doing splits on the bar. Come check her out and see for yourself. Make sure you are following Erica on Instagram @erica.chanel_

The Tricia Lust


Tricia Lust is a trans activist and community leader who has performed around the country for the past 15 years thrilling audiences with her live vocals, comedic chops, and well tailored costumes made with her own two hands.

Misster Cosplay


Misster has been a pop culture junkie and a bearded comic con darling for years, with their creative gender bent twist to the art form. They bring a refreshing take to both cosplay and drag making an impact in both worlds.

Vegas Van Dank


Vegas Van Dank, a renowned outsider art queen hailing from the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) has been thrilling and terrifying audiences for seven years with her unique, avant-garde drag aesthetic.

Vanity Van Dank


Lolita Chanel


Tallulah Van Dank

Tallulah Van Dank

Crystal Brooks


Ameliya Apathy

Ameliya Apathy